Peace Be Still

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It sure is a windy spring day even with the sun shining, and it got me thinking about how the elements like the wind can bring about such differing emotions. It can invoke fear if there may be a chance for trees to blow over. It can cause worry if there is any possibility that the electricity or internet could go out. It can also bring about a cheer when that perfect gust of wind comes around to cool you down on a hot summer day or push bad weather away. The wind is representative of life – the ups and downs…the good times and not so good; and our loving Father is our anchor to bring balance and calm to it all.

God breathed life into us beautiful GEMS, so we represent His image – Strength..Love..Hope…Light – and we represent life as His most beautiful creation. And this life is worth living no matter the storm blowing around us. If you are feeling fearful or worried especially with the season that we are in, I encourage you to look to God as your anchor, your peace, and as a reminder that He has given everything you need to overcome. Be blessed, shine on and keep on shining! You were made for it!

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-Leslie McElhaney

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