Rest, Refresh and Repeat

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As we celebrate Labor Day, my thoughts go to 1) hmmm just one day is all they thought of when they created this holiday? and 2) it also became our way of closing out the summer and the pools way before the offish last day of summer/first day of fall so what gives (wah wah wahhhh cue Debbie Downer sound effects). But what also came to mind is Psalm 127:1, “Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that built it.” What are we running and doing and laboring within our own strength that has caused us to burn out, stress out and shut down?
I can think of sooo many things I spent my years running hard like a hamster on a wheel just going in circles and feeling like I didn’t get very far. Or maybe I did accomplish a lot in one day, but looked around and no one else noticed as I sat alone in a cubicle long after the work day was over when I should have went home. And as I have burnt out many times, the Lord has taught me the meaning of true rest and seeking God on the things that I should focus on that He (not me) strengthens and equips me to do. I am a work in progress and still need to be reminded to slow down and rest time and again, and wanted to pass this reminder onto to my fellow overachievers and overworked who are on the road to burn out or may have already arrived.
What is it today beautiful GEMS that you may have to give over to the Lord or take off of the proverbial plate of life, so you can find that much needed rest and refresh? Remember, we were created to shine and share that light, but we can’t do it without our loving Father filling us with His strength and love that lights us from within. So I encourage you seek Him, cast all of those cares, and receive His amazing grace, love and peace today, so you can shine and then pass it on and overcome the darkness! #gemsmadetoshine #rest #refresh #relax #amazinggrace #peaceinthestorm #madeforit #empoweringotherstoshine #laborday #passiton #lightovercomesdarkness #gemsministries
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